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Pumpkin Growing Survey

The following is a pumpkin grower survey that has been sent to you to help growers get a better understanding of what other growers are doing and to help develop and share best practices in growing Atlantic Giants. The results from this survey will be shared with each person that completes the survey. No personal or identifiable information will be shared in the results or with any other entity. I thank you for taking the time to complete this survey:

Your Name:
email (address to send survey results to):
Number of years growing Atlantic Giants:
Grower group you are a member of:
Weight of personal best pumpkin (pounds):
Year of personal best:
Seed that grew personal best:
Your soil type:
PH of soil in personal best year:
Do you use mycorrhizal fungi: Yes No
Do you only use organic fertilizers: Yes No
Brands/types of fertilizer(s) you use:

Do you foliar feed your pumpkin plant: Yes No
Do you use compost tea? Yes No
Number of years you have grown on the same spot:
Type and amount of amendments used in Fall/Spring soil prep:

Seeds you think you will plant next year and why:
What is the single greatest factor that you believe a grower can influence that will make a pumpkin go heavy:
Do your pumpkins typically go heavy or light: Heavy Light
Soil/soil-less mixture used for planting seeds:
Do you use indoor grow lights to get your pumpkins started: Yes No
If so, what type of grow lights do you use:
Typical date you plant your seeds (mm/dd/yyyy):
If planted indoors, typical date you will plant outdoors (mm/dd/yyyy):
Do you use a hoop house/greenhouse in the early season: Yes No
If you use a hoop house, do you heat it and how:
What is your pumpkin weight goal for 2009:
What gardening changes (three things) do you attribute your own increased personal best too? (seed, fertilization, plant size, vine maintenance, etc). Please be detailed:
What is the one thing you are going to do differently in 2009 that you think will produce bigger pumpkins:
Can I contact you again with follow-up pumpkin surveys? Yes No